for realizing more contacts

  • Bruce Barnes


Regardless of the demographics surrounding each local church, families living within the zip code, county, city, or rural community are moving in or out. Of all prospects a church can have, new movers are the most important for reaching new prospects. If someone moves out of your area, don't despair of the ones you are losing; instead, become excited for the ones who will soon move in! New arrivals are more likely to be open and interested in all their new surroundings and how they can "settle in" to a new life in a new area. They'll likely be searching for new schools, doctors, dentists, and grocery stores. They're probably as open as they will be in looking for a local church near them. You and your church members must be alert of what is taking place around your area and be ready to make that contact.

It would be important for your church to have plans already in place to make this contact early and personal. That might include something like a Welcoming Team to bring the new arrivals a welcome gift of some kind. The team should provide a simple, non-pressured invitation with some brochure materials alongside the gift. Since you will know the address already, it will be easy for the team to get the newcomer's name for future contact.

You will want to follow up with the family, so include their information within the GO software. Then, use the various ministries of GRACE Outreach to continue making contact with these new friends.

If you don't know about GRACE Outreach, check it out here: https://gograceoutreach.com.