The GRACE OUTREACH approach motivates more of the congregation to volunteer for outreach.
GO Software Overview

GO Software Overview

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D. Bruce Barnes, PhD

Grace Mission, Inc.

The software/app organizes, administrates, and revolutionizes outreach through the latest cloud technology.


Please contact us through the "CONTACT US" form at the bottom of this page for information and steps needed to establish your local-church program. We will respond within 24 hours with pricing and steps needed to begin your personal, church program of outreach.

Providing a Service Unique for Outreach

GO Focuses on One Thing: Revolutionizing the Effectiveness of Local Church Evangelism

Participant Motivation

GO has a proven track record of involving more people because people can choose a comfortable entry point to evangelistic outreach.

Management Software and App

GO has its own cloud software and app to help local church leaders enlist, engage, and involve possibly every member in the church's outreach.

Resources for Evangelism

GO provides developed resources of outreach templates, promotional media, training, and evangelistic instruction.